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Date Number Comment
2018-10-15 07860901960 this number keeps calling but hangs up when I answer - unavailable when I try to ring back
2018-09-18 01414780334 Just job site must have missed interview , not paying rent this month lol
2018-07-03 6463685563 Said to call them about an investigation w/vague threat about legal action. Obviously a scam cal
2018-06-30 01522058195 Scam Recorded message telling me my computer has been hacked and my internet IP address will be changed asks me to wait for a technician who will guide me through this process
2018-06-27 077538838497 automatic recorded message saying I could have windows replaced under green scheme
2018-06-14 4705520674 Left am urgent message saying it was regarding my social security number. I called back but went to voicemail. Just her name was mentioned, no business name will return my call in 24 hours.
2018-05-22 8019032573 scamming people into thinking the caller has kidnapped their dog and will kill the animal unless they send the caller money
2018-05-08 7208761376 this number called my 'do-not-call' number pitching medicare funded medical devices, when I called it back it was disconnected
2018-04-19 15084917425 left text message wishing a happy birthday but no remembering exact date
2018-04-13 014134824785 This number called to say my phone line was 'compromised' is California. Have blocked it.
2018-04-09 02067881323 No. not known to me phoned mobile. As not known, rejected call, immediately phone rang again rejected & blocked. Possible ambulance chasers
2018-03-16 6466424460 They told me that they are with the United States Federal Grants Department.
2018-03-16 9197263448 two calls today (3/16). NO one on phone. I did not answer the second time. No message left.
2018-03-16 0487665798 Getting calls and messages. Won't tell me who he is
2018-03-14 01183287048 Ans machine msg states HMRC CASE OFFICER - "PRESS 1 TO DISCUSS CASE RAISED AGAINST YOU"
2018-01-31 01952857247 Called claimed to be from company asking if I had any unwanted calls. He wouldnt give company name when asked, rang number back no such number
2018-01-24 02051627849 Apparently Agnes from BT about broadband problems. This household doesn't have BT broadband - she'll ring back later & speak to the ballplayer.
2018-01-09 07481424262 These people are annoying My Jar Loans ringing at 11 O clock at night.
2017-12-24 3154010657 texes my phone saying my card has been comprimised call the number back
2017-12-11 5057019837 Well respected in charitable work organization collection s
2017-04-24 2025169215 Rang twice, no one there when I answered.
2017-04-21 4173130490 Called stating they are the IRS, final attempt to reach me. If I do not respond, either by contacting the local IRS office or calling the number back, they will file suit against me. This is a fraud, not the IRS.
2017-04-17 01497674850 No one speaks when we answer it's a joke - always calling in the mornings Would like to know who keeps ringing
2017-04-13 001512906483 Constantly being called and harassed by what sounds like Indian men and women claimimg something's wrong with my computer
2017-04-11 5204224166 continual calls from 520-422-4166 telling me that I need to re-new my car warranty..the problem with that is I don't own a car & even after saying that, they still's very annoying..I want them to stop calling me & I've told them this, but they ignore me..
2017-04-09 18195827092 claims to be from interact e-transfer and notifies me that cra sent me an interact e-transfer
2017-04-07 6477678224 Got a text but the person would not give me their name. Said they knew me. If it's someone I don't want having my personal phone number, I'd like to know who they are
2017-04-06 8622703082 They left an 8 second voice mail with nothing but hissing and an undistinguishable word said at the end..?
2017-04-06 7076686558 Another updated Cointelpro Operation using Mumbai Hawkers as a ruse to harass targeted individuals ...they will call saying they are your insurance company ...the Yahoo hack is not an outside job ....these callers and numbers are not a random event . Semper Vigilis
2017-04-06 7076686558 Route107 McD Taskforce
2017-04-06 7812879732 7812879732 - Vacation Bull - recorded message wants you to say YES - then they hang up. Just say NO. Or better - Hang up.
2017-04-06 3218005478 Unknown asked to verify last four of SS
2017-04-04 3146523352 Just want to know who's calling my phone.
2017-04-04 3150008006 Government want to give $200 with help with you with your bills.
2017-04-04 9892668141 Recorded call stating they are the IRS, final attempt to reach me. If I do not respond, either by contacting the local IRS office or calling the number back, they will file suit against me. I believe this is a fraud, as this no way tied to the IRS.
2017-04-04 4107337725 A telemarketer for security systems.
2017-04-03 7076686558 Boiler room operation. Heavy Indian/sub-continent accent. "I represent a company that sells over 5000 medications. Do you take either Viagra or Cialis?"
2017-04-03 00110297145 Called me today foreign sounding lady said she was calling from BT and my internet connection was going down- I strung her along she dididn't seem to realise I was taking the P---
2017-03-30 01282%20936551 yet another dodgy investment company ringing up unsolicited call

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